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Immerse Yourself in Southeast Asian Culture

Dine at our Cambodian restaurant in Fall River, MA

Dining out shouldn't be boring. If you've had the same meal three times this week, this is your sign to try something new. Hong Meas Restaurant serves a wide range of Asian cuisine in Fall River, MA. You'll find your classic favorites and explore new flavors.

We specialize in Cambodian dishes but also feature Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai food. Our restaurant is the only spot in the area where you can enjoy Cambodian Kuy-Teav (Vietnamese Pho). Whether you choose this iconic soup or a modern take on Thai food, you'll love every moment spent in our restaurant. We also offer food catering services & group dining!

Pick up food or stay and dine

There are so many ways to enjoy our Cambodian restaurant. You can visit us for:

Rotating and seasonal lunch and dinner specials
Private dining for events and groups
Catering services for pickup or drop off

With over 15 years of experience cooking delicious Asian cuisine, we know how to impress our guests. You might even find yourself coming back every week. Call our team now at (774) 704-5226 for more information on our restaurant.

Taste Our Famous Pho Kuy-Teav (Pho) Cuisine for Yourself

We have all the Southeast Asian dishes you love

Not your average Asian restaurant

At Hong Meas Restaurant, you'll enjoy flavorful dishes rarely served outside of Cambodia. When most people hear Cambodian cuisine, they think about Kuy Teav Phnom Penh, Salaw Machu Kroeung and other popular street foods. We serve these classic dishes but specialize in sophisticated, lesser-known cuisine such as Bor-Bor Samchok, Banh Chev and Num Pang Sach ko, originally prepared for Cambodia royalty in generations past.

We want to introduce a new generation to these dishes. Visit our Cambodian restaurant in Fall River, MA today. We're excited to share our culture with you.