Cambodian Kuy-Teav (Vietnamese Pho)

Have a bowl of our famous pho in Fall River, MA

"Looking for a place to enjoy traditional Cambodian Kuy-Teav (Vietnamese Pho)? Hong Meas Restaurant is the place to be in Fall River, MA. Our pho Kuy-Teav (Pho)? soup is made using traditional methods and fresh ingredients. You can trust that everything is high-quality and delicious. With one sip, you'll feel like you've traveled to Vietnam Cambodia.

Our soups are perfect for chilly days and dinners with the family. Learn more about this popular dish now by calling (774) 704-5226.

Get to know Cambodian Kuy-Teav (Vietnamese Pho)

"It's time to embrace the flavors of Southeast Asia. If you've never had pho soup, you're in for a treat. Considered Cambodia's national dish, this soup consists of:

  • Savory broth
  • Rice noodles
  • Fresh herbs
  • Beef, chicken or shrimp

It's eaten in households, restaurants and at food stalls throughout the country. You'll fall in love with Cambodian Kuy-Teav (Vietnamese Pho) before you know it. Order some today at our Fall River, MA restaurant.